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Siberian Forest Cats & Kittens



Free Love

Posted on November 2, 2016 at 4:19 PM
Planned breeding is VERY important to us here at Serendipity Siberians.  Breeding Queens more often than is prudent, is detrimental to the health of our Queens, the kittens, and the overall quality of these pets.  But Siberians are incredibly smart with an uncanny way of getting what they want.  Sometimes, things just happen. 

For example, we have occasionally awoken in the morning to find the Queens have worked together to spring "Big Daddy" from the Big House so that they can all commune together as a family and experience a night of free love complete with glow light from the turbo chaser and aquarium for mood lighting.   Mama Cass croons in the background about California Dreaming as a reminder that Serendipitys family roots  are not to far from Berkeley.   A laptops plays cat videos on loop from behind the aquarium water in a distorted psychedelic ripple.  Inevitably, the catnip stash has been found and remnants litter the beds, the cat tree and various trails through out their den.  The advocates of free love are all curled together in a big pile of fur, basking in their excesses.  (Which luckily makes it easy to restore order and send "Big Daddy" back to his private digs.  As he is carried to lair, a paw comes up over my shoulder with two claws raised in salute to his bohemian babes saying, "Peace and Love my Beauties.  Peace and Love."

Undoubtedly, after a night of debauchery such as this,  the cattery will be inundated with multiple litters of unplanned kittens in about 9 weeks time.

(Photo courtesy of Annie of

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