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Siberian Forest Cats & Kittens

Adults /Teenagers Available


 Mellow- $1500

Smokey is a beautiful girl that is super friendly and affectionate.  Unfortunately, her family has some medical issues and needs to re-home a few of their cats.  She will do well in any home.

*Mellow is being sold by the client not AMS / Serendipity

Bella - $1200

Sweet Bella  wont be ready to go to her fur-ever until fall.  But our retired adults go quickly!  She can be reserved now.  Bella would do best in a home that will worship her as the beautiful Queen she is.  She likes affection on her terms and will allow you to worship her as she so desires.  She is not a cat that will lay all over you all the time.  



Yuki-Hime was one of our foundation Queens here at Serendipity Siberians. As a particular favorite, she keeps watch over this page.

She is currently enjoying her retirement in Hampton, VA